From the past until now, many member contacted me to ask about joining VIP but for some reason they didn't join at that time. Some time later, they came back and complained to me for losing so much after joining FOMO signals from other channels, and because noone instructs and answered their questions, making them distracted in trading and sticking to basic errors in trading such as No-Stoploss, All-in, no Buy-Sell straegies

So today, I would like to send some advices to my members :
- Always remember to stoploss in time
- Never put all your eggs in one basket (All-in)
- Never join in FOMO signals
- Please use my free signals because I dodn't distinguish which signal is VIP signal, which signal is free signal. Because to me, fairness is first and foremost, I will supply 20% of signals that are free
- I understand you have some reason for not being able to join my channel and I hope that we can meet again in the future but don't be too much loss because if your situation was too bad, even I couldn't help you!

Thanks and Best Regards!
👮‍♂️ Captain

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