Blue Bird Syndrome originates from the famous play by Maurice Marterlinck (1862-1949). The story tells about the journey to find the Blue Bird symbolizing the Happiness of two brothers Tyltyl and Mytyl. In the dream, the two children visited to the Land of Memory, the Kingdom of Future,... but in the end, it was not the place where the Blue Bird was, until they returned Home that they were surprised to discover the Blue Bird lived, right in their Home.

This syndrome refers to those who always feel dissatisfied with the present life, they always dream of a splendid future, but they don't spend their effort and strive to rise. Most of us are more or less affected by this syndrome. People who are greatly affected by this syndrome can lead to depressive or depressive symptoms. Or the more common thing we seee in many young people is that when they are doing a job they are always looking for a dream job, as a result, they change jobs constantly and can't always settle down for work, wherever.

Of course, with this syndrome, Traders are no exception. Many traders are constantly imagining themselves and thinking that someday they will find the Holy Grail to quickly become richc like King Midas. They are constantly searching almost in vain for one secret technique after another, even though they suffer a lot of losses, they still don't cease to hope for the Blue Bird.


Getting rich quickly with Trading is a beautiful dream. This dream is most evident to new traders, who don't have much experience in actual exposure to harsh market. That dream is the Blue Bird. The Blue Bird that Traders are aiming for is the prospect of just a few mouse clicks and can immediately run to the nearest ATM (Automated Teeler Machine) and draw a large amount of money.

However, after a few unexpected losses with the real account, they will quickly be pulled down to the fact that things are not as aasy as the magical dream.


Do the successful traders gain glory because they are holding a certain trick that can help them withdraw money from the market continously ?

Definitely NOT, their secret is not really in trading method, but in their thinking.

Many well-known traders have very low annual returns (to the expectations of most newbies when they first start out). That is their Blue Bird. The percentage of annual profits is low, but they can be maintained over time. The biggest difficulty for a trader is the ability to maintain this profit.

Looking at the reality, you will see that the way to success in trading is not to make a BIG profit and then lose it in a moment, but the ability to maintain a small % profit over time. Whoever did this cound find a Blue Bird in Trading.


Almost every trader has Blue Bird symdrome, but not everyone can do it. The reason is because they have not put the right answer to the question : "What is Real Trading Success?"