Bitcoin Update (April 03)
According to the latest analysis, we have seen BTC pumped strongly to 7200$ (our plan is 7000$). And let's look back the pump process again
- We can see the last pump was more than 30%, that means the BEAR tokens have lost their value 👉 FTX has sold their BEAR token
- It is expected the next dump will drop sharply and very quickly to the 5000$ zone, which means a decrease of about 33%. The goal is to sell their BULL tokens

BUT ... That was our original plan

However, there are some changes in their plans that BTC has been delayed for a few day and now CZ is no longer in the game. So maybe the selling pressure may not reach 5000$ as planned. So I recommend that you should buy BTC at 5500-5700$
Specifically our plan :
- Sold half of BTC to USDT at 7000-7200$
- 50% at USDT waiting for 5500-5700$ and 50% at BTC to trade Altcoin