#SOL/BTC (May 08)
SOL is very weak and moving down to 5000sts zone if it can't break the 6250-6300sts zone.
Wait at 5000sts and target should be 7000sts
Warning : If SOL breaks 6250-6300sts, this analysis will be invalid and need to be updated!
#GXS/BTC (May 08)
GXS will not stop the bearish trend at here. I think we will see it at 4000sts. We can accumulate it at this zone and wait for selling it around 6000sts
#NCASH/BTC (May 08)

NCASH is in super bad situation but we will give it the last chance.
We can buy some NCASH at here on Huobi and wait to sell around 300sts
If it drops below 2.3sts, I think we will see it at 1.4sts and we will say bye to it!