✳️ Energy Web Token [EWT/BTC] on July 21 #EWT $EWT #EWTBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

EWT is moving in some pretty good patterns and preparing to breakout and rising to the 80000sts zone In case EWT falls out of the support zone of 57000sts, you can considier buying when it returns to the 40000sts zone

✳️ Bitcoin [BTC/USDT] on July 27 #BTC $BTC #BTCUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

After completing our plan, BTC has been pumped stronger than expected and we will continue to hold BTC because the buying force is still quite good and its future is very bright The price levels that we need to pay attention are : 10800$ - 11200$ - 12000$ We can absolutely hold BTC up to 14000$ or 16000$

✳️ SingularDTV [SNGLS/BTC] on July 28 (#SNGLS $SNGLS #SNGLSBTC) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

SNGLS is having a good support zone at 75-80sts, we can buy SNGLS in this area and wait for the strong pump to return to the 100sts zone of the previous days and can even increase strongly to 120sts and 150sts. and 200sts zones But if this 75-80sts zone fails to hold, we will sell and wait to buy back at the 50sts zone but I think, this probability is not high

✳️ BlockMason Credit Protocol [BCPT/BTC] on July 28 (#BCPT $BCPT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

BCPT has reached very strong support and we can expect a new strong rally in the next month. The nearest target that will easily be achieved is 250-260sts Most likely, this is the last chance to buy a BCPT at this price area because the next target is the 400sts zone or the further is 600-650sts.

✳️ ARPA Chain [ARPA/BTC] on July 28 (#ARPA $ARPA #ARPABTC) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

ARPA is in a downtrend and the long-term down target is quite low. Holding this coin will not be a good idea. The nearest price zone we can consider buying is 155-165sts because I think ARPA will rise quickly to 260-290sts in August. But in the long term, ARPA will likely break the 130sts area to fall further