#ICX/USDT (June 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

ICX seems to be well supported and will not be able to fall this June. The main trend is still up and the target should be $ 0.4 this June and $ 0.5 at the beginning of July. ICX will be very dangerous if you go into the Ichimoku cloud because it can reach $ 0.25 and it will take a long time to reach that price range.

#WABI/BTC (June 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

Investing and holding WABI at this time is not a good choice. We should wait to buy the WABI in the 1300-1400sts zone and look forward to the strong pump in July and August. The target will be in 2 areas: 1800 and 2200 It is very dangerous if WABI falls out of our buying zone

#LUN/BTC (June 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

LUN is quite strong and the buying zone of 1000-1100sts will be a very reliable area for us to buy in for targets like 1400-1500sts or even 2000-2200sts in the next 2-3 months. The pattern will be broken if LUN falls off the 1000sts price zone

#MKR/BTC (June 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

MKR is being manipulated because it is difficult to predict the upcoming direction of MKR . So we have 2 plans for it: - The main trend is to continue to dump and should not hold and wait to buy in two zones are around 0.04 BTC and around 0.03 BTC . These are 2 zones you should buy because it will pump back quite strong. - We can see that the selling volume is falling sharply but to be sure, we should wait for the MKR to surpass 0.06 BTC to buy with a target price of 0.09 BTC

#QSP/BTC (June 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

QSP is trying to break the MA200 line in 3D timeframe and I think it will try again. We can buy it around 200sts and around 160sts. If it surpasses the MA200 line at 250sts, it may rise up to 350 or even 500sts, but this is a long story

#QKC/BTC (June 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

QKC looks strong and we can expect new highs for QKC. QKC can fully increase to 120sts or even 180sts in this rally. And this is the main trend If you want to join this party, you can wait to buy it at 70-75sts Holding a coin that has risen too high also has a lot of risks, so you should always prepare a stop loss if it falls below 60sts.