#WRX/BTC (May 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

WRX is not in good situation because we can see there are so many dips that WRX may drop and touch : 1230 - 650 But WRX might have a small run if pass over 1450sts, but I think the possibility is not too high that we shouldn't try. Need to wait for breakout sign If WRX drops, we will catch it at 1200-1250sts for the run to 1500-1600sts Stoploss if drops below 1200sts and wait for big dump to 650sts

#CDT/BTC (May 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

Money is coming into CDT and we expect a breakout and move up to re-test the 55-60sts zone in next days. I think this is a very good sign for buying it because it has very high possibility to breakout the 55-60sts to touch 80sts or even 100sts

#XRP/USDT (May 21) by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

XRP is moving down to the range of 0.16-0.17$ and it can reach this zone in next days. This zone is very important and we must try because it may pump back to 0.2$ soon