The time it takes a trader to shape his trading style and make a profit should be measured in years, sometimes up to 10 years. During that time, success is a series of stages of training and perseverance. But many of us traders do not focus on this but work hard to make money when all the skills are not mastered.

The practice is one of the factors that clearly defines a successful trader from a failing trader. A successful trader understands that the skills and experience they gain are through training plus real combat experience that makes those factors more solid.

When it comes to training, the first thing traders need to think about is not how much money this can make, or just practice we will be successful. If you haven't done it and thought about the results, most of you lose all your motivation during the training process. Because training requires persistence and will fail many times in the process, it requires a trader to have a positive mindset to continue. Moreover, the practice needs to be the right way, otherwise, the results are not as expected will make us quickly discouraged.


Trading doesn't have principles, anyone can do it. But it is not an easy task to form a trade that comes before and after, with a methodical process. So disciplined is one of the important things a trader must start practicing.

For discipline, easy to say, difficult to say difficult. But in general, we need to have our own principles for analyzing, trading and managing capital. And the rest is to keep that principle disciplined and uphold over time.

Because traders tend to break discipline often, this is something that needs practice. Until traders feel that the break of discipline is an unusual thing, unlike what they do every day, it will be considered to have some results.


This is to admit to seeing a few traders who really have the determination to practice. And a lot of traders believe that psychological training only requires a lot of trade, psychology will be fine. But in fact, I don't really see it. Because there are also psychological traders who are almost blunted by the market burying.

Actually, we don't have to suffer that much. Training psychology through trading is essential but does not mean just accepting money for better psychology is a good thing. We can get a good mentality from a lot of other things that don't involve trading.

The psychology of a person who wants to stabilize requires some practice. Here we need to learn to recognize our own emotions and then learn to reconcile it. And to do this, every trader needs to practice every day seriously. Whether you trade or not, always learn to pay attention to your own emotions, so the trader will gradually know what to do.

Having a good mentality every trading will turn out to be smooth, traders also have more confidence in themselves and trading strategies.


This is definitely something that traders really need to practice. A lot of traders lose a small order and are willing to trade bigger or more to clear the order. A trader can be for immediate profit to relax the principle, be more subjective than trading larger to expect a bigger profit. But many times that push traders into losses and cannot lift their heads.

Like psychology and discipline, capital management requires a trader's strategy and determination. For a trader to fully manage capital smoothly, it is not possible after a day. So it can be said that traders need to practice from day to day so that it forms a habit in trading for traders. How to start trading, what we think will always be risk management.