First, this system was developed by El Mostafa Belkhayate (hard to read), who is currently the CEO of Belkhayate Asset Management.

This indicator uses polynomial nonparametric regression to compute a centerline and uses a golden ratio of 1.618 to produce the boundaries.

This indicator is often used in combination with another indicator, MBFX Timing.

And here is the picture of her with an illustration of how to enter a command

Specifically, the blue channel line is the centerline, the two gray channel lines are the neutral zone, the red is the overbought zone, and the blue one is the oversold zone.

Rules of entry:

- Go long when the price hits the green channel area and the timing line from orange to yellow.

- Go short when the price hits the red channel area and the timing line from green to yellow.

- Exit orders when the price touches the centerline.

Looking at the example above, it seems that this is the holy grail that traders are looking for, right? However, there is a problem, this is the type of indicator repaint (after each price bar, the indicator will be corrected). So you should backtest carefully before bringing it to the market, do not lose money injustice!