The percentage of traders who do not make any profit in trading as we know it can be as high as 95%, and it is not suddenly that number. Almost every trader who doesn't make a profit has certain common traits. We know that trading is risky. That said, you can run into a loss at any time, but if you are losing money on a constant basis, it is absolutely not a matter of probability.

If we lose money constantly, the trading results don't get better all the time, then there is definitely a reason. Many traders find the reason for no reason, either found it but did not fix it, or fixed it but did not have the patience to maintain, so the trading results return to the same.

Knowing the cause of the loss is one of the first steps in the process of improving a trader's trading results. In this article, I would like to summarize the 28 reasons that make our traders constantly trade but still do not get much better:
  • There is no practice in trading.
  • Easily affected by psychological stress on the whole trading process.
  • Also, accept too great risks for the trading strategies that you implement.
  • Seeing trading is not easy to make money is easy to give up.
  • Psychology is very volatile when the market is volatile.
  • Account management is also based on emotions, not a specific plan or strategy.
  • Refusing to judge positive expectations during the trading process, to know if the method is really effective and if any changes are needed.
  • Too sure into a trading strategy
  • Continuous trading system changes.
  • Trading is based on individual thoughts and expectations, not on the basis or fact of what happens on the chart.
  • Do not take careful account of trading volume before entering the market.No risk management for the whole trading process.
  • Always looking for a perfect method, let's trade, win it.

  • Thinking too much about a sexual opportunity, to the point of complicating it without knowing it.
  • Trading decisions are based on intuition, feelings, and expectations.
  • It is easy to be attracted by top-bottom-fishing strategies that miss the market trend
  • Does not focus on capital management and risk management when trading.
  • Too much transaction.
  • The trading account is too small.
  • No stop loss.
  • Trading does not stop loss.
  • There are emotions that exist in the trading process, including before, during or after the trading process, regardless of whether profit or loss is more or less emotional. Traders have never learned to be calm during trading.
  • Stop-loss too tight.
  • Stop-loss is placed in the price zone too clear
  • Just see the discount is buying.
  • Just see the price increase and sell down
  • No discipline
  • Trade according to trading tips, not system rules
The above are 28 possible causes of losses for traders. There could be many other reasons as well. But we need to understand that, finding the cause is only the first step, the process behind the trader needs to seriously consider correcting errors and maintain good trading habits for a long time in order to improve the trading results. Please