1. Being too firm about the market's strategy or direction without looking for signs or evidence to contradict his judgment. Being too sure about your own strategy, thinking that you are smarter than the market is the psychological error many traders face. We often remember that, when our egos are less, the results can grow.

2. Taking large amounts in order to make a high profit, but most traders forget that, with that is a huge risk. Trading without taking into account the risks and being controlled by greed is the psychological error that many traders still face.

3. Entering a trade for fear of losing the opportunity to make a profit, while the market is gone. When trading like that, the risk-to-return ratio is completely detrimental for traders but still many people accept. That is the mentality of FOMO - fear of missing an opportunity. For long-term profits, we should learn not to get caught up in deals like this.

4. Trading without a plan or it can be because the trader himself is lazy or because the trader feels he is good at trading, no trading plan is required.

5. Do not use stop-loss because the trader himself has a psychological fear of cutting loss, not accepting risks in trading.

6. Breaking trading rules, lack of discipline in trading is the repetitive mistakes of most traders. But these actions can be associated with two types of greed or fear mentality, which is strong enough to make the trader leave the principle to make a profit in the long run.

7. It is easy to get stressed in trading, especially when experiencing a loss. These stresses can cause traders to make many wrong trading decisions, causing them to lose even more.

8. Many traders from where the trading is wrong but still keep going wrong, they are stubborn and refuse to admit wrong about themselves, refusing to review where their losses come from. Traders of this type often have unpleasant results in the future.

9. Not setting a limit on risk and return on trading is not much different from the way we are gambling.

10. Ask others for their opinion about your trading strategy. In fact, it is only the mentality of doubting that makes you not so confident in trading. If you believe in the trading method, trust yourself, you will certainly implement the strategy with a spirit of willingness to take responsibility.