Our principles should not be confined to analysis or enter command. We also have our own principles for many tasks such as capital management, operating methods, exit principles, ... and especially, we also need its own rules for psychological control.

Adherence to the rules should be based on your trading style and method. Following the rules helps traders understand that they are on track. If there is a profit, that is a good thing, but if there is a loss, it is still in your plan. If we went according to plan, we don't have to put pressure on ourselves.

Next is the principle of psychology. As said it largely depends on your trading personality and style. If you tend to take profits early, make your own rules to prevent this action from you, to keep complying with the plan. Or if you are constantly afraid of losing money, you need to have a good rule rather than a correct mindset to avoid this thought while trading. If you are a geek, then you need your own rules to limit this

So, setting the rules and following the rules for a long time will help you reduce your psychological stress, and control the process will also be much better.


Most of the psychology comes from losses. So, improving trading losses will help traders to stabilize psychologically significantly. While not entirely, it helps a lot.

And one of the reasons that traders lose from heavy to very heavy is that traders are not really aware of the risks. But traders are aware of the risks, and at the beginning, their psychology has changed.

When traders are aware of the risks, they will understand that trading, the risk is essential. And it's not just that they trade with risks. And even capital analysis, management, or everything it has its own risk. As long as we understand what we're doing, and know that we're still in control of the process as planned. Once you have a plan, the risks will be in your control. So you will not need to be too psychological to know in advance how much money you will lose for a trading strategy.


This is very important. Since most traders do not have good trading habits that lead to ineffective trading.

Habits such as regularly monitoring prices, staying up late to watch orders, being psychologically active, even if you do not trade but only look at the price, you will find psychology excited, or over-trading, or trading arbitrary, or regularly breaking the rules, .... are all bad trading habits.

Thus, if we want to have a good mentality, let alone creating bad habits, traders first need to eliminate bad habits. When bad habits are removed, good habits are replaced by good habits. That way, you will find trading much smoother than before.

Having a comfortable mentality, doing anything will become much smoother.

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