We will encounter many types of failures in trading, and those failures will repeat over and over again until you realize a certain lesson and change yourself. It is very difficult for a person to change himself. But traders are different. Because in trading, you can fail continuously, and these failures directly affect both your physical and mental interests. So, if you don't change, then you yourself will collapse in the ruin you create.

1. Traders will know that they need to be patient with good quality entry signals and must know by themselves how to avoid the call of trading in their own minds.

2. Traders will learn that stop-loss is a way to help protect their accounts. It is also the attitude of respecting money when we use it.

3. Know how to trade in accordance with the trend, not going against the majority of the market. This is a safe way to trade to make a profit.

4. Perhaps it takes a lot of time for traders to understand that the larger the time frame trading, the easier it will be to trade psychology, analysis, and management.

    5. How long it takes you to understand, a trader needs to separate his emotions from his trading process.
      6. Strict stop loss is probably also a time-consuming lesson of a trader after a long time of setting stop losses at their discretion.
        7. Knowing how to put risks within a certain limit is also a lesson that traders should learn early.

        8. Traders should learn to limit risks, know how to plan a trade, hone their skills early, instead of spending a few years just burying their heads in looking for a profit when there is nothing to shape in mind.

        9. Traders should learn to understand price action and the dynamics behind it before jumping into trading on a price action signal without understanding it at all.

        The above 9 lessons may have to be traded by traders a lot of time, not knowing how many failures to get. So, every time you fail, it is an opportunity for you to mature in trading, so absolutely do not miss a chance.

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