Every trader wants profit, the most basic measure of whether you are profitable or not is the net profit and loss. As a matter of fact, traders are often interested in profit/loss trades without even paying attention to their breakeven trades.

However, what everyone doesn't realize is that the zeros in your trading history make more sense than you might think.

The first is about the breakeven command

Sure, you rarely get compliments from others (or ourselves) for breakeven deals. But don't take them as meaningless! The beauty of breakeven trading is that while you may not be able to increase your account with them, they do allow you to protect your capital. Of course, no one wants to be seen as a break-even business.

And as we have mentioned many times in the past, the journey to be consistently profitable is not an easy one with just winning command. You also need to learn how to deal with losses and unprofitable trades. We will start to learn about the meaning of breakeven command in our trading history!


Do these situations sound familiar? These are breakeven command where the market initially moves in your favor.

  • The market turns and you exit manually at breakeven. For this case, we have 2 different psychological states:
  1. Manual exit when the market turns around and there is no warning signal of a trend change: This is a bad breakeven command, it indicates an unstable sentiment in your trade. Besides, it also showed a lack of trust in its own trading system.
  2. Manual exit when the market turns, signals but you just discovered it: This is a good break-even command when it shows your flexibility, you have had certain reactions to real market developments. However, it appears that you are not prepared enough for trading.
  • The market triggers your stop loss when you move your stop loss to breakeven: This is an obvious state. Suppose you have a trading system that allows you to move your stop loss when the price moves 30 pips, for example, if it hits your stop loss, congratulations, because you are in compliance with what the system allows you to. do. Have fun and accept it! However, if you pull your stop loss to breakeven due to your fearful mentality, consider and fix it immediately!
Now let's take a look at the breakeven trade that would precede a loss trade:


These are trading where, once a command is entered, the market moves against you. The market then turns and you exit at breakeven.

  • The market turns and you close the command by hand immediately, although there is no signal from the market: This is an act of fear, it shows that you have not trusted your previous trade. Or that your holding loss command has been going on for too long, leaving you feeling in a panic. Besides, another reason can also happen is that you enter the order with too large volume, which is beyond the tolerance of the account. Either way, this is a bad move, right before and after your trade.
  • The market shows signs that it will go against your previous analysis, this bounce is just a temporary recovery so you close the command: This is a good move again because it shows your flexibility to market responses. However, it also reminds us: Be more prepared before every trading.
  • The market hits your stop loss, but you move it down, and when the market returns to break even, you cut it off quickly: This is the most taboo action, and it's the action that shows you're not ready to become a trader. This is a much worse action than the 2 actions before you made the 2 most basic mistakes: Move your stop loss when the price is about to hit your stop loss and cut your command in fear.
In short, we do not have a certain formula for analyzing breakeven trading that has taken place in history, it depends on the context that led to our actions.

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