Rule 1: Don't risk more than 1-2% per trade

This is a simple rule, but that is why it is underestimated. If you want to survive this war of survival, you must emphasize enough the importance of risk aversion in trading.

Rule 2: Try to force the command

Only do this if your P / L shows you're right! The trading strategy is based on this rule and it will help you achieve an excellent profit on some of your trades, where the R: R ratio is already over 1:30. The best deals are the ones where you stay the longest until your P / L proves that you're right.

Rule 3: Trends are my friends

A cliché, but it got me on the right track in the marketplace. If you think about trading the way I think it can be, it can be a boring business, but at least one that makes money. I really don't care about quick returns. I am also not interested in penny stocks. I'm not interested in the most popular professions that people are talking about. I like to analyze it myself. The more boring the trading, the better it is for me.

Rule 4: Wait for the price to adjust

Do not be hasty to trade immediately. Always wait for a correction or rejection of the price at critical levels. Do not trade on feelings. And dislike gambling will help you stay consistent over the years.

Rule 5: Don't talk too much about your trading

Although I am sharing most of my trading ideas with the community, I am not talking about them with my friends or other trader friends. Trading is a lonely and highly focused endeavor. I believe the more you talk about a trade, the more you try to convince yourself that you're right. This is wrong! I cannot bear people trying to convince me (or themselves) that their trade will end up being win trade. Instead, I don't want to share any of my deals.


The five principles above are not new, but they are essential. If you want to be profitable in the "battle of survival in trading", you should research or at least reconsider them. Stop for a moment and be honest with yourself - how many times have you overlooked that because trading looks too tempting to do? If you are pondering this question for too long, read this article again!

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