Masayoshi Son is changing his business strategy after the failure of startups, but everyone thinks this is an "extremely desperate" step.

As reported, the Softbank group of Japan has just been identified by the Financial Times as "the Nasdaq whale". This is because they bought billions of dollars worth of individual stock options in the world's largest technology companies last month, boosting trading volume and making a significant contribution to trading momentum. madness in the market.

Softbank - through the Vision Fund, has previously made huge investments in private technology companies. Therefore, the new entry into the stock options market this time is considered the company's extremely reckless new bet. A banking expert also frankly identified the action of Softbank is "a dangerous bet".

"Billionaire Reckless" Masayoshi Son

According to the WSJ, official records show that Softbank has bought nearly $ 4 billion in shares of Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix and Tesla. In addition, they also spend about $ 4 billion to buy call options related to their stocks.

However, after the non-stop uptrend, the market had a sell-off on September 3 and 4. The Nasdaq saw a sharp drop on Thursday and continued to fall 2.5% on Friday. Since its March low, the Nasdaq has risen as much as 83% so far this point.

The risky move into the stock options market marks a new chapter for Masayoshi Son and Softbank. In recent years, the group has only bet on private startups through the $ 100 billion Vision Fund.

After the Covid-19 disease caused significant losses in investments in startups, the company established an asset management arm for investments in public companies using its own equity. founder Masayoshi Son.

The overall value of the US stock market traded at an average of $ 335 billion a day over the past 2 weeks. That's more than three times the average between 2017 and 2019. The retail transaction boom played a big part in that hurricane, but investors all agree that the scale is too large. This is the main driver of recent stock options trading.

The Financial Times later reported that Softbank was making a profit of about $ 4 billion from the above bets, but the wave of sell-off caused Softbank shares to fall 7% in value.

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