As mentioned, the OC momentum indicator helps traders to recognize trend momentum and simplify in identifying entry signals. This indicator has a zero line in the middle if it moves above zero it indicates strong buying momentum, and vice versa, if it falls below zero, it indicates strong downward momentum.

The picture below is the interface of this indicator:

For entry signals, the indicator will help traders determine when to enter a trade when it crosses the zero line, following the main trend of the market. That is, if the market is in an uptrend, we need the indicator to be above the zero lines to show strong bullish momentum. And vice versa, if the market is in a downtrend then we need the indicator to cut below the zero lines, showing strong bearish momentum.


The input you install as shown below:

For Levels, you can add level 0 to:

In the color section, you can manually adjust to your preferences:


As mentioned in how to trade, we should use this indicator for trend trading to get the best results. And we should be quick when the momentum is strong, or sell when the momentum gets stronger.

As shown below is also trading you can refer to:

Notice the index arrows 1 and 2, which is the structure of the bull market. We draw a trendline connecting the bottom 1 and 2. Then do trend buying. And we only buy when the momentum indicator crosses above the zero lines, showing strong upside momentum.

However, there is a note that the trend in the trading market is often unstable and does not last long, so we should only trade at times 3 or 4 or at most 5 times.

Another example shows you how to define signals:

There are many ways to use this indicator in trading and it is very useful for traders.