Martingale was popularized in the 18th century by the French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy. This is a strategy to double bets on losing. Then, the American mathematician Joseph Leo Doob did more research because he wanted to find a way to reject the 100% possibility of winning this method.

The strategy goes like this: you place an initial bet and if you lose, the next bet is doubled. As time goes by, you will have 1 win and this will help you win back all previous losses.

Think of it as a simple gambling game of coin tossing, with a chance of winning or losing 5/5. The first time I bet 1 coin. If I lose, I lose 1 coin so I bet 2 coins. If you win, there are 2 coins, minus 1 coin of the initial loss, you will have 1 coin profit. If you lose, then bet 4 coins, if you win, you will gain 4 coins, minus 3 coins of the first 2 losses, you will have a profit of 1 coin. Just keep going until there is a win, then return to bet 1 coin.

Just 1 win, you will remove all your losses first and have a little profit

So what's the difficulty here, it's the limit on how much money you have. If you only have 10 coins, then you only lose 4 times. Because the first time, the loss is 1 coin, the second has a loss of 2 coins, and the third time, the loss is 4 coins, a total loss of 7 coins. The last time if the bet is always 3 coins and lose, it will be considered out. Thus, it takes a lot of money to play this way.


As mentioned above, many traders and coders today use money management systems - using the martingale tactic. This tactic helps you just need to be in the right direction once and touch take-profit, all the pain of previous stop loss will be erased. The game is started again.

The advantage when applying to trade in the market. If the target is only a few dozen pips, the price is easy to hit profit-taking.

However, during the current big wave, the biggest risk for martingale tactics is the # black swan phenomenon, ie unexpected, strong, and unpredictable events. Such events cause prices to run strongly to one side with wide spreads. Events such as early 2015 or recent CHF include #brexit as # black swans in typical trading.

The advice for you to use Martingale is:
  • Start with the smallest volume possible
  • Earn a system that comes with Martingale because Martingale is just a method of capital management. If there is a hard system attached, the odds of win-loss 4/10 only, it is very beautiful.
  • Money in the account must be thick
  • Be careful with brokers because when the volume is raised, it is easy for Broker to push the price to hit SL for account fire
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