Just like in the early days I allowed myself to read, analyze, and evaluate, in a few years, this skill of mine developed very well. It helped me to have a steady return for a few years and then a total downfall. Falling into space, and suddenly realized he was delusional. The positives decrease over time, and the negatives increase over time. When we are 3x, our feelings are very good, when we pass 35 37, everything will be empty!


When I entered the financial industry, I originally chose a loyal, consistent method according to it, but then after that incident, I found myself wrong, I had to face the problem, choosing to change to return to the job or stop working.

So what I want to convey: If you think you're just following this method, unless you are really good at that pp, you'll have a base that lasts a few years, then your method will. changed, and you will always be worried. Because in fact, you guys are allowing me to study cabinets.

As for reading a book in trading, I always face the problem of which 90% is garbage, no matter how famous the book is, I always recompile it according to my personal understanding and I always treat the face with 1 thing, out of 500 pages of the book I have only retrieved 5 to 10 pages, and sums it up. The idea of ​​transmission, in the book matrices a lot, our job is to get out of the matrix of the book. Even the author himself writes very implicitly, very picky about the reader. So do you guys maintain a habit of going free reading, and look at your posts to find a plan for yourself if you can win. With an average of one subject, at least you have to read 2 books, and when you maintain the habit of copying knowledge and do not have any research features, you will also exclude yourself from the game.

Leaving the definition of TT is a taboo. Key: do not assume that we have enough genius to study, we are just adventurers, do not argue for mistakes.


A lot of yuan always thinks that nothing is right, so even a lot of people claiming to win in a financial market without using tools is extremely wrong. TT is a spiral of tools - basic - tools - advanced - basic - advanced - tools (ie systems)

We can swear, fuck, fuck, throw the trash. But have we ever wondered, give a preschooler a plow to know how to plow, give money to a kid who has never gone to buy a sex toy in a lifetime, he'll definitely buy a fake.

So everything must have a process, if there are enough conditions, the process will be shortened due to enlightenment.


Consciousness, the more results will be, the more you say or do it, the worse you say, the more you will face is death. One method will only be really stable when we are in the cards, under the sugars. Everything depends on your own requirements, requirements will come from your personality.


Just write down yourself, write in your own style, only when we face us do we have everything

In the capitalist world there exists only clarity, ambiguity, the definition of the qualitative nature, with and without, unrelated to our ability to judge. Leave this world now if you don't really love your passion and dare to pay. Be honest with yourself