There was a rich man, every time he left the house, he was afraid of someone coming to rob his house. He wanted to buy a coyote to look after the house but was afraid of feeding the dog, it costs money.

After a long period of thought, he finally thought of a way: Before leaving the house, he removed the wifi password, turned it into free wifi, then left the house with peace of mind.

Since that day, every day many people standing in front of his house get free wifi, very safe, and no longer have to worry.

Reverse Thinking: Changing the angle of thinking about the problem, the results will vary a lot. If we traders are afraid of loss and aversion to losses, will success knock on your account? Trade with confidence and plan for potential losses, the results will vary greatly, in a highly positive way!


A rich man goes to buy tomatoes. He asked the shopkeeper: "How much does a pound of tomatoes?"

The shopkeeper said, "16 thousand a pound."

He picked two tomatoes and placed them on the scale, then picked the biggest one to go with.

The shopkeeper looked at the scale and said, "10,000".

He took the biggest fruit out of the scale and expressed no need, the shopkeeper glanced at him and said bossily: "8 thousand".

In fact, the biggest tomato was heavier than both tomatoes on the weight, obviously the ridiculous salesperson, who around the witness was very displeased.

But the rich man, on the other hand, was still very calm, took out 2 thousand from his pocket and gave it to the shopkeeper, but he did not take 2 tomatoes on the scale but took the largest tomato that he had just removed from the scale, then happily leave.

Reverse thinking: Change the calculation, come up with a different method yourself, and you will discover new ways to solve problems. Just like in trading, if you follow a certain method of trading, it is difficult to untie the limits of yourself and the trading system you are using. So, keep F5 for your trading strategy to make it more and more optimal!


There is a newly opened fish pond, the entrance fee for fishing is 200,000. However, most people, even if they sit and fish all day, cannot catch any fish. The boss said, if he couldn't catch fish, then he would give a chicken.

As a result, many people scrambled to go fishing. When they returned, everyone carried a chicken in everyone's hand. Everyone is very happy! Feel the boss is very interesting.

Later, the fish pond manager told everyone that the owner was actually a professional chicken raising household.

Reverse Thinking: Change the circuit of your thoughts, but still reach your goal. If your goal is to make 10% a week, don't you necessarily trade on a fixed asset or where is a trend being flocked to? Try to think a little differently, but still make sure to go in the right direction, maybe, the profit maybe even larger than the original estimate?


The talented American investor, Charlie Munger, is also known as Warren Buffett's best companion.

Someone asked Charlie Munger: How to find a good companion?

First, you have to be a talented and reliable person, he replied, because as a good companion, they are not idiots.

Reverse thinking: wise birds are always looking for good branches to make a landing place. That is why traders should make ourselves stronger every day instead of depending on someone!


Mandela was sentenced to 27 years in prison, and during that time he was abused by prison guards. Surprisingly, when he became President, he invited three guards who had mistreated him to the ceremony that day.

When Mandela stood up to pay his respects to the three guards, everyone who watched was calm. He said: “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”

Reverse thinking: Forgiving others is actually a form of self-improvement. In trading, if you want to improve every day, you have to admit your mistakes and fix them day by day. The market is really ruthless, but hatred is an invisible danger that can kill traders at any time, so be forgiving and have a progressive mindset, guys!


There was an old man who liked to be quiet, but the area around his house always had children running and playing, which made him very uncomfortable.

He thought of away, he called the children back and said: My place is very quiet, thank you for coming to stir the atmosphere more cheerful, and at the same time gave each child 3 candies.

The kids are very happy, coming here to play every day.

A few days later, he gave each of the 2 candies, then 1, and gradually stopped giving them.

The children, both upset and angry, said: We don't even come here to make fun of you.

The old man regained the quiet space as he wanted.

Reverse Thinking: Grasping other people's weaknesses, nothing is unsuccessful. Just like that, if you grasp the characteristics of each trading market, I firmly believe that deploying the position in each market condition will not be a difficult problem for you anymore!

Reverse Thinking: Grasping other people's weaknesses, nothing is unsuccessful. Just like that, if you grasp the characteristics of each trading market, I firmly believe that deploying the position in each market condition will not be a difficult problem for you anymore!


A salesman said to a shopkeeper, "Sister, here we have a book called" 500 men's reasons to be late ", you must buy it."

The shopper laughed and said, "Why?"

The employee calmly said: "Because my husband also bought this book."

Negative Thinking: In your mind, the main control will be in your hands. Indeed, we traders look down on the psychology of trading, but it turns out to be a core factor in most trading decisions. So, if you want to trade effectively, try hitting market sentiment by reading the price action story behind ?!


The monk asked the monk: "If you take one step to die, you will die one step later, what will you do?"

The young monk replied without hesitation, "Then I will go to the side."

Reverse Thinking: There is still another way besides the road. You don't have to bury yourself in the dead place? If it's wrong, get out and find yourself another better chance!


Human life and unpredictable trading, adversity, or failure are all commonplace. We must always maintain a positive and positive attitude by looking at the problem from many angles

Sometimes, this trading loss turns out to help you realize other valuable things, such as how to place a stop loss, how to stay calm when the trend turns and how to bravely exit with a loss to be ready. on another match, more fragrant!

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