Introduced by the author eelfranz, he said that trading is actually very simple, so the system is named trading made simple. How detailed, invite you to see:

Pictures of the trading system:

Components of the trading system:
  • Synergy APB candles: candles look similar to Heiken Ashi candles, but seem a bit smoother.
  • Indicator TDI: this is the most important component of the system.
  • Stochastic (8,3,3): this component is not very important, it is like a price confirmation indicator on the right track, can be removed if it is not necessary.
Entry point:
  • Normal entry: you will wait when the TDI line intersects with the condition, the green line must cross the red line with a large angle (> 45 degrees) to show the strength of the price. Next, we should see if the Synergy APB candle is the first green / red candle or the second one (do not enter with the 3rd candle) after a series of different color candles (showing a new trend formation). It will be a plus point if the APB candle crosses the SMA 5 (the yellow MA on the chart).
  • Bounce entry: this is a very special way to enter command, when the blue TDI is about to cut the red line to reverse the trend. But, price suddenly maintained the same APB candlestick color and TDI suddenly resumed the direction of the previous trend (indicating the price trap of some traders who wanted to find early trend reversal). Enter an order after the APB candlestick closed, forming a big candle and TDI formed a big corner, bounce off the red line.
You see the illustration to better understand each entry point:

And this is the bounce entry.

Exit point: we will exit the order when TDI (green line) goes sideways to show that the price starts entering the sideways, or exit immediately when TDI suddenly changes direction.

Time frame and time to trade:
  • Trade this system on H1 and H4 frames to avoid noise when trading on low timeframes (but I observed that there are quite a few successful traders with the m30 and m15 timeframes.
  • Time to enter the order: 1-2 hours before the European session and 1-2 hours before the US session, the purpose is to follow the large volume of transactions when these 2 sessions are open, the trade will therefore give the winning rate higher.
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