This is very easy to understand. Who does not want to have more income to prevent unexpected events? If you read Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Father Poor, you will also know this principle of personal financial management.

Trading is essentially a psychological game and no one can trade 100% continuously every day. Even the best Trader in the world suffers at times.

Traders like everyone, we also need some time to rest and have the income to ensure our own lives and families. And when Traders do not trade, they will not make money, not to mention that Traders do not always win, losses can affect their psychology and income.

So what do successful traders do when they are not working?

Looking for a part-time job at McDonald's? Making coffee at StarBucks? Possible. But it is not worth their time working. I have no intention of criticizing the aforementioned jobs, it just doesn't seem suitable for these Traders.

Traders are successful so opening a trading course or a chat room is perfectly reasonable for them to earn extra income.

Having an additional source of income will help traders feel less pressure from depending on trading finance. With a good mentality, they will trade better.

So choosing to open a course to do business is a reasonable choice for traders to have money and to do the work they love.


According to trading psychology books, sharing knowledge partly helps traders to be more successful.

There is research on this called "The Protégé Effect" that helps teachers get better and better in the field they teach. Even if you are not a Trader professor, sharing and teaching others will help you develop some new skills.

The "students" themselves can also spot mistakes and help you find a trading setup that you didn't notice or mistake. Both of these 2 are of great benefit to being a trading teacher.


You become a trading teacher, which means you are helping someone to trade better, with the skills to profit from the market. That's a good thing because you are helping others to achieve their financial dreams (not crazy things like financial freedom ...)

You may find this a bit impractical. But if you think about it for a bit, becoming a trading teacher really creates value for the community. Would you help others if you become a bank manager, an accountant, or a bartender?

There is nothing wrong with making a living with a skill. But if you become someone who helps others, you create a lot of added value to society.

Traders also told each other the sentence: "Those who can't, teach" 

This is true ... in a sense. But that doesn't mean the opposite is completely wrong.

So, before you consider a Trader a scam, not worth learning, keep in mind that you may be making a mistake. It makes sense to have a successful Trader open a course.

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