Many traders need specific directions when trading. That's why every trader needs a trading system. Because each trading system will provide traders with a set of strict rules to follow during their trading. Helps them to be profitable in the long term. However, this inadvertently causes warehouse traders to gain flexibility in the market.

However, having a trading system is not something that traders can follow the rules and execute trading to make profits. That is not an effective way of trading in trading. Imagine, there is a trading system that works well, and everyone uses it to make profits. So if everyone makes a profit, who will lose money, while the trading market is a zero-sum market.

That means, the trading system is essential for traders, but for profitable trading, the trading system is not enough. Traders need to learn to follow the market's volatility, to understand its dynamics. Or more precisely, traders need flexibility and change as needed, and these belong to experience and skills, not entirely from the trading system.

Price action is another way to trade in the Forex market. A lot of traders think price action is a system. But that is not true. A trading system needs principles that you need to be disciplined about. While Price Action does not have a specific principle. Price action traders look at historical price data to let them know what the market is saying and then trade on those ideas.

Price action changes daily, so it requires traders to have flexibility based on their understanding of Price Action.

Price action traders will often look for high probability trade setups, but many can form. But one more important thing is that they need to put that setup in a market that is in their favor. Therefore, it is important for Price Action traders to be patient, look at the long-term charts and decide what the market is saying to them. Placing short-term trading setups in the long-term context is one of the things that give price Action traders an edge.

Of course, no trading approach is perfect, and when beginner traders experience losses when trading with price action, they often wonder if they should abandon the "system" and look for another system or not. However, this is the mistake of new traders.

They need to understand that market conditions change over time and successful traders will adapt to this. So it can be said that price action will allow traders to understand and react to changing market conditions, while also modifying their decisions accordingly.

At first, we may feel that this is really too difficult, it makes you confuse, makes you make mistakes many times. But as you gain more experience, you will learn how to make sound decisions without hesitation.

So it can be said that price action trading is the most natural way of trading, and requires the flexibility of market conditions to change. But that doesn't mean it will make you profitable in every trading. Even the opposite, it can make you lose more than you think. But if you know how to manage risk effectively, grasp the right time to enter the market with lower risks and greater returns. That will be how traders act to make money over the long term.

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