1. Don't touch trading when your mood is not good

The mood is an expression of psychology. Whether for any reason such as your boss, bad job, family conflicts, or you are sad because of trifles, .... do not touch trading. Because when the mood is not good, you can see it's normal, nothing but just shake hands, press the trade button. And if the result of a trade is a loss it will make you a lot worse. Like, the mood was not good and the trade was losing money ...

But the problem is, the trader's emotions become more intense when losing money. So to prevent orders with massive losses, it's best not to trade. That should be the rule for you in psychological control. And you will see, many times, this principle will save you from trades that are leaving you losing money.

2. Don't stick too bad habits, both in trading and in life

This is one of the ways to help you realize something extremely important: "to trade well, first live well". Suddenly, the view of trading also changed. It was like stepping into a new page. Psychological training has become a lot better.

When you know a habit is bad, and you let it go, it's a good habit instead. You will see the results of changing from bad to good. And more importantly, you know how to change it. Basically how they work is not much different. You will need to replace negative emotions with positive ones. Trader's psychology is much easier to control if the trader has good habits.

3. Must be patient

In trading, it's not just analyzing or waiting for signals to trade. That psychology is probably one of the factors that need the most patience. Psychology is like the essence of a trader, and trading simply exposes it by hand.

With the mentality that has been with traders for all these years, do you think it can change overnight? Indeed very difficult. So if it is said that in order to stabilize psychology, traders need time and patience. Psychology needs to change little by little. The psychology is a little better today, tomorrow is a little better, and so on until the trader really feels the change.

Above are 3 principles, just simple principles but very helpful for psychological control.

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