✳️Perlin/USDT (4-10) #PERL $PERL #PERLUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

PERL has gradually curbed selling and is about to see a rally from 0.02$ The highest selling zone we can expect in October is $ 0.04

✳️0x/USDT (4-10) #ZRX $ZRX #ZRXUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

ZRX will have the last pump before finding new dips. ZRX might drop from 0.5$ or 0.65$ so you must pay attention to these levels in this October

✳️Litecoin/USDT (4-10) #LTC $LTC #LTCUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

At this moment, LTC is a high R:R ratio trade, so we should bet on it. The main scenario is moving up to re-test the 69$ resistance and breakout to move up to 120$ so far. The stoploss for this trade is under 40$

✳️YFII/BTC (4-10) #YFII $YFII #YFIIBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

At the moment, we don't know how to believe in this coin. And this moment is very important to this coin. If YFII doesn't drop below the wick of the last Doji at 0.18 BTC , it will try to re-test the 0.275 BTC resistance level . I think it will win in this war to move up to 0.45 BTC . Note : just in case 0.18 BTC not broken!!!!!

✳️Polkadot/USDT (4-10) #DOT $DOT #DOTUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

DOT is forming a Double Bottom pattern and it may pump up to 4.5$ and 5$ in next week. And the end of this pump may be 6$. It's very worthy to be bought in the range of 3.9-4$. And of course, we will cancel this trade if this zone broken.

✳️PowerLedger/BTC (4-10) #POWR $POWR #POWRBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

POWR is really weak now in the big picture. The 700sts is the last support that you won't want to see it broken. But if you want to trade it, you can buy close to 700sts as possible and wait for a quick pump to 900-950sts zone (high possibility) And you need to get out quickly if 700sts level broken.

✳️Tezos/USDT (4-10) #XTZ $XTZ #XTZUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

The 2$ support zone is really good for us to believe in. I think it will make a big up move in the late of this year. The expected targets are : 2.5$ in October and 3.5$ in November. We will close this trade if 2$ zone broken.

✳️CTSI/USDT (4-10) #CTSI $CTSI #CTSIUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

CTSI has a high chance to move down to 0.03$ then move up to 0.05$. But if it drops below 0.03$, we will need to wait a long time for rising again because I don't see any support for it right now!

✳️Aeternity/BTC (4-10) #AE $AE #AEBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

AE is forming a Double Bottom pattern but this pattern is not too good for it. But you still can trade it Buy in the range of 975-1050sts for a quick pump to 1400sts or 1800sts so far. And we will close this trade if it drops below the green zone

✳️IOST/BTC (4-10) #IOST $IOST #IOSTBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

IOST is really bad now, because it is heading to 30sts in this October or November. So we shouldn't hold it and wait for a bullish sign for buying it back. Note : This coin is also a pump-dump coin so it might pump anytime so you should keep an eye on it if you are holding it!