✳️Swipe/BTC (7-10) #SXP $SXP #SXPBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

SXP is heading to 7500-8000sts zone and this point may be the start point of new uptrend that you all should buy in for the target 12000sts in late October


✳️WINKG/BTC (7-10) #WING $WING #WINGBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

WING is heading to 1000sts and I think it will hit this zone in next 2-3 days. This is the last support that I can imagine so we will bet on this trade. We will buy it close to 1000sts as possible for the targets : 1500-2000 or even 2300sts if lucky Stoploss for this trade is just 10%.


✳️Ethereum/USDT (7-10) #ETH $ETH #ETHUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

At this moment, it's not too clear for us to talk about the future of ETH because its support is very weak and this trade becomes risky. If you are holding ETH, set a stoploss if drops below 325$. Target will be 400$ in mid October But if ETH drops below 325$, we will wait at those levels : 290-300$ and 200-210$. Of course, when ETH hit those levels, we will not be sure that we will buy in because the winter might come and the deepest dip might happen again!


✳️TomoChain/BTC (7-10) #TOMO $TOMO #TOMOBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

It looks like TOMO's downtrend has not been over. During this downtrend, it may pump anytime but I think those pumps would be not stable and the final target will be 4500-4700sts so you all should prepare for this bad scenario. Of course, it has dumped so much from the 11000sts so from now, we can start to accumulate gradually as well. The good buy zone will be : 6000 - 5000 - 4500sts They are quite wide, so you all shouldn't bet all your money into only 1 zone. Our target will be 8000sts in November Telegram: https://t.me/cryptostationchan


✳️Harmony/BTC (7-10) #ONE $ONE #ONEBTC by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

ONE had dumped too much from its peak at 123sts, so we can start to accumulate it in the range of 38-42sts for the target at 60sts in mid October. It will take us some time before making new rally. It will be very harmful if drop below 38sts


✳️Wazirx/USDT (7-10) #WRX $WRX #WRXUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

WRX is in risky range but we still can take risk with small bag in the range of 0.085-0.09$ because if there is a pump, it would be a huge profit! But if you don't like risk, you should wait for a breakout at 0.1$ to buy for 0.15$ target. If WRX loses the 0.08$ zone, I don't know where it will head to!


✳️Yearn.Finance/USDT (7-10) #YFI $YFI #YFIUSDT by CryptoStation on TradingView.com

YFI is at its horizontal support around 14000$ and this point is worthy to take risk. We can buy close to 14000$ as possible and wait for a pump to 20000$ or even 25000$ in next week. This plan will be cancelled if YFI drops below 12500$ zone, and YFI will drop to 4000-5000$ soon!