The method of 8 sets of Japanese candlestick patterns helps you to earn 10 pips/day with 15 currency pairs, 15 orders per day, and 75 orders per week! If it's real, it's delicious, but it's a bit extreme. Now let's go to post!

Again, we don't need to add any indicators, just turn on the H1 frame, and leave the chart completely empty, only candles and candles.

Then take a quick look at the following 8 candlestick patterns:


Note: before you trade these candlestick patterns, always keep in mind that we will enter a daily order at the 9th candle. That is, we will look at the previous 8 candles.

1. Once the 9th candle opens, double-check the previous 3 candles to see if one of the above 8 sets of candles is met.

2. Place corresponding order, set tp = sl = 10 pips

3. Place a reciprocal order with the volume doubled (or tripled) in contrast to the old order at the stop loss. The take profit of that position is still 10 pips.

4. If the first order touches tp, cancel the corresponding order.

Here are some examples for you:

And this is the result:

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