This strategy we will apply to M5, M15 chart is mainly. You can also apply frame M1.

Our trading signals will be mainly based on price action in conjunction with the Volume indicator. The picture below is the interface of this indicator, traders can easily find them in MT4:

This indicator shows red-green bars representing bullish and bearish candles. As the volume increases, the walls also lengthen, indicating a large volume in the price action. These indicators have no lag as they are based on the tick-by-tick movement of the price action.

Use the Volume indicator for a variety of reasons. Volume and price have a very close relationship in the short term. Volume changes will help traders somewhat grasp future price action. Watching volume can help traders capitalize on these moves before they actually happen.

Now we go into the trading principles of the strategy.

Note: When trading in the M5 and M15 frames, they will be very sensitive to news. So we should limit transactions during the time of news.

Step 1: Install the Volume indicator on the price chart

Step 2: Switch to M5 or M15 frame chart

We are currently reviewing the M5 bracket USDJPY pair. And what we need to consider is whether the market has a trend, or a reversal or a price level off.

In this strategy, we will trade in a trend with increased volume following the trend.

Step 3: Determine the trend of the market. Look for a pullback in price action and wait for the volume to slow down or decrease slightly

See the picture below:

When the volume drops or weakens, there are two possible scenarios, reversing or halting and moving on. As shown in the chart above, the price is leveling off and then moving on.

Take advantage of this slight pullback to continue trend trading.

As shown above, the market was previously rising, and then there was a pullback of low volume.

After you have determined this, we move on to step 4.

Step 4: When you see the volume increase again after the time it weakens in step 3, it's time you make the trading.

As you can see, the strong increase in volume means that the trend traders have started to be active again. As shown below:

Now you need to buy up in the direction of volume and trend shown.

The strategy's entry and exit point

You can enter a buy order when the volume returns to, at the same time, the price breaks this small pullback.

You can take profits around 10-20 pips. And the stop loss is 5-8 pips. You can also take partial profits if you see the possibility that the market continues to follow the trend and you can move your stop loss.

The above is the principle of buy orders. And sell orders have the same principle, you think the opposite.

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