Black raven candlestick pattern

This is a reversal candlestick pattern that signals a bearish signal. The characteristic of this pattern is that 3 candles have a continuous low close compared to the old candle. When you place this candlestick pattern on the correct market structure (resistance-support and impact from the main trend), it will give much higher results than traditional candlestick patterns like a pin bar or engulfing candles...

Explanation: This candlestick pattern is effective because it signals you that after 3 cycles the buyers have abandoned their position in the market. This is an opportunity for the sellers to continue to strengthen in the future.

Candlestick pattern 3 white soldiers

This is the opposite of the 3 black raven pattern. Its characteristic is that of three continuous bullish candles, the latter candle closes higher than the previous one. With this pattern, you should enter during the corrective wave of an uptrend, because it is a signal that the buyers have regained their position in the market, whereas the sellers have abandoned their position.

Three Inside Up Candlestick Pattern

This pattern is an upside reversal pattern. Three Inside Up is another name for a cluster of 3-morning star candles, but different from the Japanese candlestick pattern. This pattern does not require you to have a Doji candlestick lying between two bullish and bearish candles formed next to it. You are still allowed to trade even if the middle candle has a slightly larger real body (of course, it should not be too much compared to candles 1 and 3).

A little note when you apply this set of 3 candlestick patterns in trading: focus on observing the market structure more, do not depend much on candle patterns (although the statistics of the two authors show that These models have the highest probability of coughing). The reason that candles formed is that the price moves (candles are only secondary to the price). On the other hand, you should apply this candlestick pattern on the stock market to be more effective, because the statistics of these authors are mainly based on US stock market data.

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