Indicators Keltner Channel - Input parameters

When traders with Keltner Channel you can change the following parameters:

  • MA_Period (default = 10) - Phase of the middle MA
  • Mode_MA (default = MODE_SMA) - Category of the middle MA
  • Price_Type (default = PRICE_TYPICAL) - The applied price of the center of MA.

Keltner Channel Indicator - Apply to trade

The classic strategy for use with the Keltner Channel indicator is to enter buy orders when the price closes above the upper MA and to enter sell orders when the price closes below the lower line. Keltner Channel is a system that provides effective and accurate input signals. The exit point based on the stop loss is also quite classic, the take profit point is quite high and the intersection with the midline.

Keltner Channel is used as a tool to trade the breakout. New Trader brothers can use the Keltner Channel because of its simplicity but its effectiveness, but it should be used with some other indicators to confirm the entry signal.

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