Lesson 1: Leverage needs to be used sensibly

In fact, many traders intentionally choose very high leverage in order to have large trading volumes in order to make large profits in a short period of time. But that is the point of death of leverage. Just not being careful, traders can blow their accounts away.

There is one thing we need to remember, must have a way to manage capital for ourselves. Leverage as a tool makes it easier for us to enter and trade. Do not use this support to satisfy your greed.

Lesson 2: The risk: reward ratio is very important

As for us traders, there are 2 things to remember and do. The first is that there is a certain limit of risk. The second is to only engage in strategies with small losses but with greater potential for profits. Although difficult, if maintained in the long term, traders will be profitable in the long term.

Lesson 3: Discipline

Large institutions always have rules of money where traders are only allowed to lose a day or a week. For the primary purpose, they are creating more opportunities to make a profit in the market instead of risking it all on one trade, day, or week.

If discipline is already important to professional traders, it will certainly be important to us. So, each trader should create his own principles and discipline to execute the strategy in a certain complex way and with certain risks.

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