👉100% PROFIT with spot

👉500% PROFIT with 5x leverage

👉1000% PROFIT with 10x leverage

ALGO just broke out of a Falling Wedge pattern and is ready to make a big move in the near term. The uptrend will be fully confirmed if ALGO can close a 1D candle above the 0.3$ zone.


-Buy close to 0.25-0.26$, SL if B👉✅65% PROFIT

-Buy more: 0.3-0.315$ if A, SL if B👉✅35% PROFIT


-Sell: 0.4-0.42$, SL if A👉☕️STANDBY

-Sell: 0.5-0.525$, SL if A👉☕️STANDBY

-Sell: 0.6-0.63$, SL if A👉☕️STANDBY


-Sell close to 0.25-0.26$ if B, SL if A👉☕️STANDBY

-Buy: 0.2-0.21$ if A, SL if B👉☕️STANDBY


Condition A : "If 1D candle closes ABOVE this zone"

Condition B : "If 1D candle closes BELOW this zone"

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