In terms of thinking

Every trader should have the right mindset. To do this, every trader needs to understand that:
  • Traders must be able to control their own emotions.
  • Traders must have faith in their own trading method and plan with discipline and discipline.
  • Traders need to understand that in order to gain confidence in the trading system that will help you make a profit, you need to go with it long enough, practice every day until you truly understand that method.
  • Stress is a psychological state that can make you lose your temper and make mistakes at any time. So, learn how to get rid of stress in trading.

About risk management

4 trading capital management requirements that each trader should follow:
  • Capital preservation must be a trader's number one priority.
  • The loss/profit ratio and the profit/loss ratio need to be in accordance with the method and market conditions.
  • Never risk more than 1% of your total trading capital on any given trade.
  • The potential for trading system crashes must be reduced to zero.

A profitable method

And to be profitable in trading, a good, profitable trading method is indispensable. We note the following 4 requirements:
  • Always have a tight trading plan with your trading system.
  • Pre-trade volume determination should be based on the level of risk you accept.
  • Your entry signals should be of high quality and profitable.
  • Your exit strategy should result in one of the following 3. It is one that ends up with a big profit, or a small profit, or a small loss. Absolutely do not let your strategy end up with a large loss.
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