1. They don't listen to the market.

Acquiring the necessary basic trading skills is easy, but if you cannot apply them in the right context, it will not help you to make the desired return.

It is like you want to buy EUR / USD even when the fundamental news is going bad and the price has dropped sharply, take a moment to step back and reassess the situation.

Take some time to find out which additional information has more weight to help you identify the current price action instead of being stubborn and stuffing your position.

2. They don't like trading.

Without curiosity and interest in the profession, it will be difficult for traders to pursue practice and skill development intentionally.

When traders do not have any love for the game called trading, conducting market analysis, and taking the necessary time to master the markets will certainly be just boring. This explains why most traders filled with initial ambitions simply decide to give up and pursue something completely different after such a short time.

3. They set unrealistic expectations.

It will take you a lot of time and losses before you become a stable profitable trader. There are many things that can be done to speed up learning, but there is no way to completely eliminate it.

Some new traders make the mistake of thinking that, in order to succeed, they never lose money. As a result, they pressure themselves too much and get stuck every time the trade goes against their way.

To avoid that, you have to accept that you always face a loss. You will go through a series of losers and this can make you feel terrible.

But you know what? It's okay. Even the best trading traders out there go through these.

However, don't make it too big to be out of control. Give your best, train yourself methodically and slowly step by step

4. They want you to rather make money.

This is why so many people pay the price, they don't admit their mistakes to move on.

In market trading, traders often form a love for their own trades. There is nothing wrong with belief, but being blind is wrong. They stick to their trades, insist on being right, and refuse to exit lost positions, and even reach their initial stop loss.

Confidence is important, but do not invest emotionally and put too much confidence in a trade. Successful traders know when they should get out of a losing position and they can do it quickly.

For steady returns, you should always look for good deals and accept the fact that you have no control over the results.

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