Trader difficulty - 1: Keep patient

Patience is what we need when we have to wait because human nature doesn't like to wait but has to do something to withstand it. Unfortunately, most of the time in trading, people have to wait: waiting for the price to create a trading signal, for the price to hit take profit.

Trader's Difficulty - 2: Overcoming greed

Greed is the enemy of every trader, but we have to deal with it day by day.

Trader difficulties - 3: Trade demo

New traders hate trading demos. They always want to try real feelings with real money, while they do not know anything.

Trader difficulty - 4: Missed good opportunities

Missing a good opportunity is an unpleasant feeling that is hard to accept.

Trader difficulty - 5: Hold or close an order?

Hold orders for a chance to gain more or take profit? This question cannot be answered correctly.

"There are no rules about it, it is so difficult."

"There's no recipe for this, it's a journey you have to explore for yourself."

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