1. Determine the worst possible outcome as well as the best achievable

Each trader must be able to visualize the end result they will be able to get and build on the rules for these results.

2. Emotions

To become a professional trader, emotion is a factor that traders need to pay special attention to. Professional traders will trade with reason, not their feelings. Professional traders learn to trade without being affected by emotions, exploiting their own reason. And more importantly, they take full responsibility for their trading decisions.

3. Stay motivated

This is an important factor to help traders not get discouraged in the trading process. A lot of traders burn their accounts, otherwise, they lose heavily many times. At times like that, it will depress the psychology of traders when everything they have now goes back to zero.

Therefore, every trader should learn to stay mentally comfortable regardless of success or failure. Professional traders know how to visualize their goals and they know what they should do every time they lose money to get better results. This helps them stay motivated.

4. Control the trading process

Traders often focus on controlling what is happening in the market or trying to predict the market in the future. And this is unnecessary work because it cannot always be accurate, it can even make you more mentally tired if you are wrong.

Instead of relying on ways that make Traders vulnerable, focus on controlling the trading process. To do this, the first thing a trader should think about is the need to follow the trading rules. Compliance with these rules will sometimes result in a Trader losing money. But remember, a few successful trades or a few losing trades don't make sense in the long term.

5. Focus on the things that matter

To become a professional trader, we should let go of the ego, fear, and greed to focus on a larger goal.

Professional traders will often put all of their efforts into the trading process, on the important things to do. We cannot predict where the market will go. In other words, traders do not make themselves difficult, do unnecessary things. Instead, focus on developing skills, stick to trading plans, and do more productive things.

6. Have realistic thinking

Trust in strategy and self is what a trader needs in trading. And for traders to focus on the important things, this trust is essential.

However, this belief should not be accompanied by subjectivity or certainty. A trader wanting to make a big profit needs to step out of his comfort zone, but the goals for each execution strategy should be based on the reality of the market. As well as your goals should be consistent with the amount of capital, abilities, industry, as well as the method you use.

7. Turn failure into a turning point in the trading process

A lot of traders who lose money are easily lost in the mentality that loss brings. Few traders can definitely pull themselves out of there, start to learn to look back on their trading past.

If a trader knows how to admit mistakes stemming from himself, and starts to seriously plan for history. Take full responsibility for all your responsibilities Then it can be said that the chances for the trader to succeed in trading are much higher.

8. Control anxiety and excitement

A professional trader will know when to exit the market at the right time, whether it is a loss or a profit before they trigger their psychology.

Knowing the right stop loss will not allow fear in trading. Knowing to make a profit at the right time will help you avoid excitement. These sentiments can ruin a trader's trading account. Regardless of the psychology, it will motivate traders to break the rules, making many decisions that are mainly about satisfying the current psychology. This will push traders away from profits, it is even more difficult to have success in e-trading.

So, learning to control anxiety and excitement is what a trader needs to do. There are many ways you can control your psychology. But you can start from simple things such as adhering to discipline, strict capital management, always keeping good habits, sticking to plans, ... But this will partly help you get mentally comfortable. when trading.

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