Why are traders greedy?

Exactly speaking, the fact that you are greedy for something, specifically in trading is a lot of profit, it is not your fault. Greed is considered one of many human instincts, motivated by the motivation to seek many and many self-benefits.

When looking at trading work, no one is so foolish to open an account to deposit $ 1000 with the purpose of turning it into a zero. Anyone who chooses to trade is geared towards generating additional income and getting rich.

Although every trader is greedy, the level of each person will be different, but very few people are not greedy at all, if any, it is certainly not a trader. When you decide to choose this financial trading job, you don't have to worry about your own feelings of greed, as it happens with the rest of the population.

If everyone is greedy, but according to the general idea that greed is something that should not be in a trader, does that mean that no one can succeed in this field? Not at all, because greed has a good side to it.

Greed helps to recognize the problem to be solved

When you suddenly become overly greedy for an outcome, it may be because you are stuck with an unsolved problem. You think, every time you trade higher than the predetermined risk, it means you've lost a certain amount.

It is entirely possible to use greed first to find the root of the problem you are having, then quickly come up with solutions instead of getting caught up in greed and burning account.

Greed creates a driving force to move forward

Are there times when you feel great energy or drive motivating you to work on your plan when you are desperate for a result? Desire is a positive side of greed. In other words, when you are greedy, then you have created your own energy to push the self forward.

Not greed is synonymous with selfishness

It is very easy to confuse greed and selfishness. Selfishness is just thinking about personal interests, greed is thinking about the interests of not only yourself but also the collective around.

Greed stems from the motivation to seek benefits, so, if you are greedy, and achieve results, you have brought benefits to your family and society.

When is greed really helpful?

Greed helps you recognize the problem you are facing, you solve the problem, greed keeps you motivated to move on, but it also obscures and mitigates risks that should not be ignored. 

So, to truly become a professional trader, you cannot trade in a purely conservative or overly greedy manner. You should balance, look at the problem from both sides, develop the good side, and let go of the bad side of greed.

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