Gains: More control

For those who want to self-trade, increasing control will be the biggest benefit. When you manage your own portfolio, you can make instant decisions about where your money is going, when to buy and when to sell. This is even more convenient thanks to the advent of online trading, where you can choose to restructure your investments at any time of the day from virtually any device. Compare this to let the managers of trading capital, they will request a discussion or an appointment to initiate trading.

Loss: Too much control

The downside of increasing control over your investments is that trading becomes a habit that will haunt you. By connecting to your portfolio 24/7 on your smartphone, your buying/selling decision is always there, which can lead to over-consideration of your portfolio. Financial advisors have pointed out that "less is more" (the less you pay attention to trading and the less attention you pay to every detail of your portfolio, the less you risk damaging your chances of making money. get more money). That's why if you trade for yourself, then self-control is the first thing you need to learn!

Gains: Lower fees

By making your own investments, you will avoid any fees associated with full-service brokers. Brokerage fees will fluctuate depending on the company, but generally, there will be certain fees associated with buying, selling, or exchanging financial instruments. By managing your own investments, you avoid large transaction fees.

Gains: Learn from your mistakes

Anyone who entered trading thinking they would win all the time was joking with themselves. Trading is about taking risks, and you can't take risks without making mistakes twice. The plus point of self-trading is that you know all the painful details about the mistakes you made. By analyzing those mistakes and changing your strategy in the future, you can become a better trader.

Loss: Less knowledge, more work

Gains: Own your profits

Perhaps this outweighs the high-control and low-fee benefits above. Many traders prefer to trade themselves because they can see the fruits of their direct labor. If you do your research, take risks, and learn from your mistakes, you can see the returns come to you and only to you.

Loss: Too much, too fast

Because of not checking and balancing their trades, many independent traders will make the mistake of jumping into the market too quickly. Investing large sums of money with just one click is easy when you have no one to ask if this is definitely a good idea. Again, we need to get back to self-control: Entering independent trading is only allowed if you are confident that you can be disciplined!

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