Level 1: elementary. The basic y-axis (price line)

This level is for traders who are new to the market, have an overview of the market but these elementary lessons are an essential foundation for all future knowledge of technical analysis.

Usually, at this level, traders learn about DOW theory and fundamental wave patterns, candlestick patterns, ... But usually, new entrants tend to only rudimentary these parts without looking. Thorough understanding leads to no good foundation to learn the next knowledge.

Level 2: Intermediate.

At this level, you will normally learn about indicators and theories of application analysis in more depth such as MA, volume, MACD, RSI, ...

The lessons at this level help you get to know the current market more quickly eg using MA to identify trends that c1 has learned ...

Level 3: Advanced (x and a combination of x and y)

At this level in CMT certificate, you must learn about such as Elliott wave, Gann, or the concepts of the x-axis, ...

In this section, I will add another system, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. This is a system with quite a few kinetic theories for Gann's period.

This part is quite difficult compared to the other 2 levels, forcing you to learn and understand more deeply about the price line about both the x-axis and the y-axis and start applying it in the analysis.

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