What is RSI + MOVING as an indicator?

It can be seen that a lot of signals provided by RSI are based on 3 lines, which are line 0, line 20 and 70 on RSI. Now these signals on the RSI will have an additional filter which is the SMA. You also know the signal supplied from 2 SMA lines.

When the 2 SMA lines cross, it signals a trend change. Or, when the two SMA lines are pointing in the same direction, if the price is above the SMA, it represents an uptrend, if the price is below the SMA, it indicates a downtrend. These signals will be used to identify the RSI indicator.

Adding an SMA filter to the RSI, there are more signals that will have more confirmation as well as get more signals soon so we can start trading strategy soon.

The figure below is the interface of the RSI + MOVING indicator:

Set parameters for the indicator

The RSI indicator in this indicator we use the default settings. 2 SMA we use cycle 10 and 20. As for the installation, you follow the instructions below.

The input you install as shown below:

The colors you can customize according to your personal taste. As for the level, you can add level 50 to the RSI indicator if you want.

Applying trading

Basically, we still use RSI as the default version on MT4. But there are some signals we can use as a moving average as a filter. For example signal divergence:

The yellow line is the 10 SMA, the red line is the SMA 20. When the 10 SMA crosses below the 20 SMA, it serves as a further confirmation of the bearish divergence.

Or we can use SMA for further trend confirmation. As shown below:

As shown above, the bullish divergence shows the reversal signal. The RSI above the 50 level shows bullish momentum, accompanied by a crossover of SMA, indicating signs of the uptrend is about to begin.

And there are many ways to use these signals in trading. It is important that you understand the RSI indicator and use it properly.

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