👉108% PROFIT with spot

👉540% PROFIT with 5x leverage

👉1080% PROFIT with 10x leverage

ONT is clearly in a downtrend and once in a downtrend, ONT is always falling so strongly and so horribly that we should be scared.

ONT can easily reduce up to 50-80% in a downtrend, a terrifying reduction.


- Consider buying at $0.4👉✅82% PROFIT

- Buy at $0.25


-Sell at $0.55 and stop loss if 1D candle closes above $0.55👉✅26% PROFIT


-Buy when the ONT rebounds and closes a 1D candle above $0.55👉☕️STANDBY

-Sell at $0.65 and stop loss if you close a 1D candle above $0.65👉☕️STANDBY

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