Dan Zanger is one of the interesting traders of the contemporary world of trading. In December 2000, in an article titled “My Stock is Up 10,000% (My Stock is Up 10,000%)” on Fortune magazine, the US Internal Revenue Service after confirming Dan Zanger had established 2 world record: First, about portfolio growth in one year: 29,000% (not a typo). Second, in less than 18 months, Dan Zanger converted $ 10,775 into $ 18 million, representing a 164,000% return. Finally, his account reached 42 million dollars after 23 months.

1. Make sure the stock has formed a good price background or a pattern described on his website www.chartpartern.com: (cup-handle, horizontal price background, triangle, parabolic curve, symmetrical triangle, wedge, flag pattern, price channel, and head and shoulders).

2. Buy a stock when it breaks the trend line of the background or pattern (breakout) and secures volume above the 30-day average. It is never allowed to buy more than 5% from the point above the trend line.

Example of a breakout point and not allowed to buy more than 5% from the breakout point of a trend line.

3. Quickly sell the stock (stop loss) as soon as it gets back inside the trend line or breakout. Usually, I would place my stop loss of $ 1 below the breakout point. For stocks with a high market value, maybe a little more, but never use a stop loss greater than $ 2.

For example, stop-loss immediately after the price falls below the breakout point

4. Closing 20% -30% of position when stock price increases 15% -20% from the breakpoint.

5. Hold the biggest gainers for the longest time and sell stocks that rise slowly or weakly in the fastest time. Remember, a stock is only good when it rises.

For example, you have to hold this stock for a long time

And must quickly close the sale of this stock.

6. Determine the group of leading stocks and Follow the Leader.

7. After the market has risen sharply for a long time, your stock is easily reversed (which usually happens quickly and unexpectedly). So, learn how to look for higher trend lines and also learn about price reversal patterns to help you exit in time.

8. Remember that volume is required for the price to move, so start studying the stock's volume behavior and then see how the price reacts to sessions with a sudden increase in volume. Volume is key to whether the price has successfully increased.

9. When a stock has a buy signal, don't rush to buy immediately. First, you have to observe the price action and match the volume for that day.

10. Never use margin until you are familiar with the stock market and how to control emotions. Margin can wipe your entire account.

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