Trading becomes more difficult for most traders partly because traders do not have the right trading style or method of trading. In which the reason that many traders lose money can come from very basic errors. When these errors repeat over a long period of time, they become a bad trading practice, causing traders not only to not gain any additional skills but also to lose money long term.

1. Traders trade against the main trend of the market but have no specific strategy.

2. Traders who trade in the direction of the main market trend but do not know when they should join the trend, unaware of strong signs of reversal. So these traders often lose money when the market reverses but they still try to stick to the main trend.

3. Trade at weak supports.

4. Trading is only interested in signals but ignores market context analysis.

5. The momentum traders often lose money when the market is in a sideways phase or a trend reversal after a breakout.

6. Focus too much on bad trading signals.

7. Trading does not have a capital management plan, transaction volume is not properly distributed.

8. Trading that goes against the momentum of the market, participates in uncertain or volatile market trends or conditions.

9. Failure to comply with the conditions or principles for the entry and exit points.

10. Trading arbitrarily, not understanding the market context as well as the signal to enter orders.

11. Easily change strategies because of other people's judgment or because they do not trust their own decisions as well as trading methods.

12. Apply a trading strategy for all market conditions.

13. Frequently trading in an unstable psychological state.

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