👉136% PROFIT with spot

👉680% PROFIT with 5x leverage

👉1360% PROFIT with 10x leverage

ZEC has completed the Pump & Run pattern and it is breaking its support line. And I think that with the recent rejection at $59-60 is a bearish sign to confirm the coming strong downtrend. There may be some recovery in the $50 zone, but only a weak recovery.


- Buy at the 50$ zone, stop loss if B👉✅73% PROFIT

- Wait to buy at $30👉☕️STANDBY


- Sell close to 59-60$ as possible👉✅13% PROFIT

- Sell close to 50$ if the 1D candle closes below this zone👉☕️STANDBY


- If ZEC rebounds and stabilizes above $65, we will buy for target of $85👉✅50% PROFIT

- Sell at 85$, stop loss if 1D candle closes above this zone👉❌CANCELLED

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