One of the things that makes a trader successful is that they know how to distinguish the quality and poor quality trading orders.

The quality assessment of a strategy needs to be assessed on many aspects, from the trading method, to risk, profit, and psychology of traders in implementing that strategy. At the same time, the market context significantly affects the quality of the strategy.

Evaluating the quality of the strategy helps the trader confidently participate in trading and has a more stable mentality, and at the same time participating in quality strategies consistently, the trader will also benefit long-term.

Here are 10 signs to help traders quickly assess whether a strategy is a quality or not.

1. A good trade is usually one that will match orders and be profitable when the trader has just joined for a short time, showing that the market responds properly to the signals that the trader enters the trade.

2. A good trade will not take too long to think and form a trading idea, and a good trade will have strong entry signals.

3. A good trade will rarely experience stress during trading. With volume and entry points in line with the principles of the trading method, stress is replaced by confidence in the decisions traders make.

4. A good deal is one that doesn't need to sit and watch the market every second of the time. That traders will be confident enough for the market to decide the outcome of the strategy they execute.

5. Good deals are not difficult to manage trades because they go in the right direction of the trend within the time frame you trade.

6. Good deals are those that will reach a profit target or stop loss point before it comes back to stop loss.

7. Time will be a key factor for good deals. If the strategy you implement can stay in the market for as long as possible, the more profitable opportunities you have for the strategy you implement.

8. Good deals will give you more motivation and reason to keep them and make more profit from them. While bad deals almost make you want to get out of there instantly because the more you hold them the more money you'll lose.

9. Psychologically, it is difficult for traders to enter a good trade, because a good trade has a low frequency, and traders need patience when trading on quality setups. While it is difficult for a trader to get out of bad trades because a trader has to admit he was wrong and accept to lose money.

10. Good deals will keep the trader in a good and stable mood. While bad strategies will make the psychology of traders become very negative.

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