1. Your tuition will be very expensive if you trade first and then start studying fully. To limit risks during trading, you should equip yourself with knowledge and then test them before you practice trading.

2. If you trade on a too-small account, the trading fee is one of the reasons why you cannot get good results in trading.

3. Don't trade if you don't plan out your trading history.

4. Trading volume plays an important role in capital management and psychology. With a large volume of transactions, accompanied by it will be a huge risk. Worst case scenario happens, you can lose heavily. Not only does this make you mentally heavy, but you also easily break your trading rules.

5. Only trade in markets that you understand well. This is an important factor for capital management principles, when you understand the market you trade, the capital management process will be much more favorable.

6. Wait for the market convergence qualifies, then join the trade. Don't rush to enter, nor chase after the move you missed.

7. Should trade in a market with good liquidity so that the difference between the bid and ask price is lower and more profitable for each trading order you make.

8. Never accept to lose more than 1% of your capital for every trade you make. Determining the right trading size will help you to lose within the limits you accept, and placing your stop loss at a reliable point will also affect this.

9. Never let your total trading account lose more than 3% at any time of the day.

10. Never move your stop loss, this action represents many things, you are breaking the trading rule, you are not confident in the strategy, you do not accept the stop loss, .... So for So keep the stop loss, if your strategy is wrong, do it again.

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