EURUSD frame H4

On this chart, you can see the session separator lines divided by dotted lines (the top 2 arrow marks). I have already drawn 2 highs and lows of the previous session on the H4 chart. With the H4 chart, sessions will be divided by week, with lower timeframes, the session will also be lower.

Can you see on this chart the price retested the last week's lows and the market rallied continuously throughout the following week?

Let's take a look at some more examples.

GBPUSD frame H1

The GBPUSD chart on the H1 bracket divides the trading session by day. Here, the support resistance at the 2 highest and lowest prices of the previous day, and the next day, the retest price is right at the highest resistance.

You note that the above examples are only selective to help you understand this idea. When trading in practice, there will be more complicated behaviors such as sideways around support resistance, breakouts, and retests, etc. So it's best to only trade retest with support resistance lines this way, Absolutely do not trade like a price trap if you are not familiar with it. Learn how to categorize each price action and stay out if something weird happens when you analyze your chart.

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