1. Have too much thought before entering the trading

We have seen that having traders, feel scared before placing orders, not confident in their own decisions. Having a trader is too confident to the extent that subjective, surely the trading order will be profitable before trading. There is the type of trader, putting a lot of hope into a trading strategy ... There are hundreds of thousands of reactions of traders before placing a trade order. And these types of reactions are unintentionally the bait that makes a trader's trading process very complex.

These types of thinking can cause traders to generate a lot of different sentiment after placing orders, reflecting their thinking before entering the market. Whatever that type of psychology is, it should not appear during a novice trader's trading, as a little bit of psychology can develop into a type of heavy psychology that drives the trading process. Trader translation becomes difficult.

2. Follow your own psychology in the trading process

During the trading process, you have found that most of the trading actions derive from the actual mentality that we follow that mentality. For example, if we are afraid of stopping losses, our actions will reduce our fear. Or when we are worried that the price will not reach the take profit, the action of the young stop will prove it, ... And many other similar actions.

The psychological direction not only does not help the trader himself but also makes the transaction process worse afterward. Because psychological decisions are mostly wrong, causing heavy losses to account and leading to the psychological crisis.

So, in order to stabilize the trading psychology, it is not a good way to indulge in psychology, but we should be against such sentiment so that we do not act recklessly.

3. Not interested in psychological control after losses or profits

Psychology occurs all the time, before, during, and after the trading process. That means we always need to pay attention to our own psychology. Many traders only focus on adjusting psychology during trading, but before and after that, they do not care. Doing this unintentionally is a fatal mistake.

Many traders, after a loss, almost immediately psychologically react, causing them to become frustrated, inhibited, upset because they lose money. Or as a trader has just experienced a round of victory, mania almost immediately appears, making them happy, excited, relaxed, and subjective. Sometimes in the course of trading, a trader may not trade too badly, but because after the end of the trade, not knowing how to control the psychology that puts the next trading process in jeopardy. Both mentality and account are at stake.

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