1. Select an inappropriate order size

Choosing order size is the most important element of risk management, making it more or less profitable. It's more important than determining how much you can lose - you also know when to go big and when to reduce your risk.

When the market is moving in your direction and you are on a high-probability market with a long-term profit-taking goal, you may choose to add extra stuffing. Like in playing blackjack, when aiming for this delicious tree, I bet more

Conversely, if you see a potential for fragrant or volatile upfront (like the upcoming news), and the potential return versus risk is not worth it, you can reduce your risk by locking down. or leave orders with a small volume only

2. Inability to be compatible with market conditions

To maximize market movements, you must be flexible and adaptive to changing market conditions.

You cannot make big bets when market volatility is small and the market is circling on a narrow margin. Must have reasonable expectations and always plan according to the market conditions

Remember, you need to adapt to the market in order to eat.

3. Fear

Certainly, buying only when a certain currency pair has risen and sold only when it has fallen helps us to enjoy the previously generated force. Of course, it also has its shortcomings.

First, we don't get the best price. You will lose a few pips which help with the reward/risk ratio. Next, at this time, it is easy to get the rebound after the price runs and makes me lose.

Of course, the trend is your friend, but sometimes we are too afraid to enter the optimal zone. Your fear makes you jump at a time when the opportunity is over - when the market has gone too far. That is called "chasing the market".

Always remember to pay attention to the above. Just because your account is profitable doesn't mean you forgot to try to be better. That's the good thing in the market - there is ALWAYS a place for improvement.

In closing, there are 3 things to notice:
  • Choose a suitable trading volume
  • Failure to adapt to the market when it changes
  • Fear
Solving these three problems can help traders increase their chances of getting more profit.

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