Trader's mentality: Traders need confidence. Confidence comes from experience, practice, understanding your own methods, understanding risks in trading, and confidence also comes from a disciplined trader. A successful trader needs to have a stable mentality, not be wavered by short-term losses, believe in his plans and strategies so that the new Trader's psychology is less volatile and not. make the wrong decisions.

A trader's risk management: determines their short and long-term success. Trading too large can make them make big profits, but just a few losing orders can cause them to lose all their profits, even heavy losses. Without risk management, it is difficult for a trader to make a profit, possibly even causing a trader to lose money in the long term.

The trader's trading method: must be strong enough to have an advantage in the market and, in particular, must suit the trader himself and his style. Having a strong trading method will increase a trader's chances of profitability outweighing the loss they have to accept. There is a good method, the entry point will be better, the exit point will be calculated more carefully. Trading traders will also be more methodical, orderly, and professional. Traders who believe in the method they use, respect the discipline, are sure to get profits in the long run.

If traders really want to be successful in trading, then the trading method alone is not enough. All three of these factors a trader must not only have, but also do it well to be able to make a profit in the long term.

Psychology, risk management, and finally the trading method, a set of 3 factors that help traders get profit in every market. It is not easy to do all 3 of these things well, it may take a not short process. But as long as the will of the trader is persistent, the target of a trader is consistent, sooner or later, the time for the trader to achieve great results.

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